Lower Cascade Creek

This was a challenging image to make. I wanted to get the three little cascades and could find only one spot where I was not blocked by rocks and trees. I had to also find a spot where I could balance my tripod in the water and on rocks. It was a fun challenge and beautiful location in Yosemite National Park.

Specific Feedback Requested: I am open to any suggestions you might have. The image feels well balanced to me but a bit crowded, thanks to the limitations I faced getting all three cascades into the frame.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Nikon d850 with 70-200 mm f.2.8 at 82mm. 1/5 sec, f/10, ISO/80

Is this a composite?

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I really enjoy this one! There are a few things I enjoy about the image. First, I love the texture you were able to maintain in the falls, not just the main portions but the ripples in the LRC are nice! I think B&W was a good choice here, and I really like how the two outer falls seem t frame the entire image. The one thing I would consider is maybe toying with the luminosity of the water and the main rock on the right. While none of it appears blown out, you may be able to get some detail out of it by darkening it just a tad.

Thanks, Dave. Appreciate your comment and suggestion.

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Hi DJ, you have a very enjoyable image here and a good choice for B&W conversion. I agree that everything seems a bit tight in the frame, but you did a nice job of balancing the three with your efforts to find the right spot. I’m enjoying looking at the different characteristics of each flow and the fine detail of adjacent streams, some of which look like spider webbing.

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Hi DJ! I really love all the action going on in this image! The water really looks alive and busy, like each little section has its own things going on! I like that it’s in black and white as well. Really great capture of this small dramatic scene!

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I really like this intimate landscape. The geometry of the three cascades and the vertical textures in the water are unique and eye catching. I want to keep looking at the image - over and over. Charlotte Gibb, a master of intimate landscapes in Yosemite would love this image. Is the focus at the bottom of the image a bit soft or is this just the effect for the churning of the water? Wonderful image.

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Thanks, Jim. Appreciate it!

Thank you Vanessa! It was a fun image to work with.

Thanks, Larry. I love Charlotte’s work! I am not sure how to answer your question, but I hope it is the effect of churning water and not focus since I try to focus very carefully. But sometimes I miss.

DJ, love the textures and especially the fine strands of water to the right of center. B/W works great.

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