From a local park I go to often. I liked the position of the posts against the sky so I had to give it a shot. Sat as low as I could get in the dried grass and waited until the morning stratus cleared up a bit and the sky became bluer.
I had to transform and crop a bit as the post on the left was not straight. Used color grading luminosity masks for the posts and the sky. Applied clarity to the grass.
Is it boring? Or is there enough of a curiosity factor to keep your interest? Other comments and/or suggestions would be great. Thanks.
Nikon z6ii, f/14, 1/160sec., iso 125 @85mm (28-300mm), handheld.

Unique and interesting! I love the funky posts and the finely-detailed grass is a great setting for them. I like the way the spacing between them drops off evenly. Interesting that the near one is right on the edge, providing a framing element. Not sure I would have thought of that, and that makes me enjoy it even more. OH – and the sky! An artist has done some subtle painting!

There is a small dust spot right of center… This would be a cool place to revisit with storm clouds brewing.

I love it. The colors are gorgeous, as are the textures of the grass and the posts. That tiny bit of haze in the sky gives the sky some lovely interest. And I love the knot hole in the second post. I’m not sure about the largest post touching the frame edge. I’m thinking that if there were some space to it’s left the overall frame would have even more of an open space feel to it than it already does. But if you like it there - don’t listen to me!

Linda, I think it’s great. You’ve got a fine mix of colors with the golden grasses against the blue sky, some subtle clouds and those fence posts that create a feeling like it’s a ceremonial place, with their angled tops pointing to the sky.

I like it, too. The texture difference between the grass and the posts is really nice - they have such different weights. The rich gold and the subtle blue makes a nice contrast, too. Like Glennie, I am wondering if the leading post would look less awkward if it had some space around it as well. Might be more cohesive if you have a shot like that in the group. It’s well spotted and I like the lower viewpoint as well. Nice addition to this week’s theme!

Thanks so much, @Diane_Miller, @Bonnie_Lampley, @Mark_Seaver and @Kris_Smith, glad you seem to be enjoying it as much as I did while taking it. As to the compositional thoughts/suggestions; one of the reasons I chose this perspective was I like the idea of the far left post anchoring and acting as a framing element. … . may or may not have worked? The other reason was on the left of the post was ground/pavement and cedar trees hanging into the scene. All of which I didn’t want and certainly didn’t want to have to deal with in post processing.
Diane, thanks for pointing out the dust spot. For the life of me I could not see the spot you were referring to. Chalk it up to failing eyes and/or not the greatest monitor. However, I did take the file back into ACR, zoomed to 100%, got the healing tool and selected visualize spots . . . and there is was! Bonnie, yes, I love that little knot hole too. Even considered removing it but it has so much character, at least for me. Mark, I can relate to your ceremonial reference. Especially from that angle and having the post lined up as I did. Even had one person tell me that it reminded him of the situation in Ukraine! And Kris, sadly, I do not have any other compositional choices, since my vision of the scene did not include other elements such as the cedar and oak trees.
Thanks again.

Excellent composition and well-thought-out color placement. This works very well.

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Thanks, David, I appreciate your kind thoughts.