Marble Canyon

This is from late January 2018, from a Guy Tal/Michael Gordon workshop in DV. We’d gone to Marble Canyon for a last field trip and it was the end of a long day (and a harrowing drive to get there - ha ha). I had worked on this one before, but was never quite satisfied with the result. I think that now I have the processing skills, but more importantly the vision skill, to convey the mood of that afternoon. The sun was setting, and the canyon was getting dark. The slots were feeling ominous, but there was still some warm light reflecting off walls in the background for a bit of cheeriness.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome. I don’t have any particular issues, but am always open for suggestions.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
a7r, 70mm, f/16, 0.3s, ISO 400. Significant dodging/burning to bring out textures and accentuate the lighting.

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Love the soft golden light peaking through the hard grey granite, Bonnie. The contrast between the light and dark pull me in and make me want to explore more. Very nicely seen and captured.

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Bonnie, the light at the end of the tunnel look good. There’s plenty of detail in the darker areas with the bright area at the back showing off the narrowness of the canyon very well. You do have an intriguing, somewhat ominous mood here.

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