Millennia in 1/100th of a second

Any rise above 6" in the Australian outback is called a knoll. From this bigger than normal knoll, we could see the flat horizon in all directions. This was the first time we travelled with friends. One of the empty chairs belonged to the wife of one of the seated gentlemen. She was thoughtfully busy wrastling up some dinner. The other empty chair is mine. I couldn’t possibly put the camera down.

The place is called Deon’s Lookout. About 2 hours east of Birdsville.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Most of the work on this one was done in ACR before it was taken into PS for a sky replacement. The original had quite a nice sunset, but I managed to place the sun, like a burning white hole, in the wrong place.

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Oh, I can hear the stories that were told on this trip! :slight_smile:
Good friends, the smells from dinner being prepared, and a great sunset to just sit and stare at. Life is good!

It does look like a great way (and place) to enjoy a sunset. The bug nets beg to differ, slightly. :laughing: (Amazing how the biting insects seems the worst in dry places…)

Thanks David and Mark.

This was quite a trip. The flies were bad, and it never ceases to amaze me as to why. No animals, nothing dead, no rain…just flies. The other thing that will keep us talking about this trip for a long time is the fact that the guy on the left, had a cardiac arrest just days after this image.

Wow, what a memorable image, Glenys. So sorry to hear about the cardiac arrest. Hope he’s doing ok.