Moments… One of the things that rarely gets talked about in our images is, time. Yes, capturing moving water, reflections of color at varying shutter speeds is nothing new. Some may go so far as saying cliche and they avoid them… The one thing that keeps me coming back to the same old stuff, is time. The instant that shutter is clicked, that moment is gone, never ever to be repeated. This image can never, ever be duplicated. It is unique in all of the world.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Processing in general, colors, saturation, the usual suspects

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Very similar to the image I posted a couple weeks back. I think I might like this one better.
As always, your comments, critique and feedback welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Cropped from a single frame. D800E, 28-300mm @100mm, f/16 1s

Thanks for looking!

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I really like this, Lon. I am on the fence about the gray horizontal along the top edge toward the right. For some reason, I find it pulling my eye, but not a big deal. Great little Merced abstract (I assume the Merced, anyway).

This is a flat out gorgeous abstract image, Lon. The graceful lines of the undulating waves are very hypnotic and the color palette of warm and cool tones works beautifully as does the pano format. Moments are not cliche IMO for the very reasons you stated. The processing looks just fine to me as does the saturation and color. I think this would make for an awesome wall hanger.

Lon: Beautiful brush strokes that are truly unique and like you said never repeatable. Most excellent.>=))>

Love this, Lon. The colors and smoothed out current are just gorgeous. I would totally put this on my wall!

Lon, this one played tricks on me. When I opened the large version the water looked as if it was actually flowing. Which would indicate to me it has got a bit of dimensional layers or something to give me that feeling…excellent image…:+1::+1:

Lon, I think you should legally change your name to Lon Merced Overacker, because you own this place :grinning:

I really like the color and WB you have used it here, it does a really great job of capturing the soft, gentle look of reflected light. I would not change a thing in terms of your processing. My initial reaction to the composition was that I wanted to see more of the water, but after taking some time to study the image, I started to notice all kinds of subtle nice touches about how the water flows are arranged in your comp. So in the end I very happy with this image as presented, it’s a strong addition to your recent series.

Exquisite river abstract, Lon. The SS works well to convey the dynamic nature of the water. Processing looks spot-on. Only thought I have would be to apply a light vignette to darken the frame edges a touch.

Thank You @Harley_Goldman, @Ed_Lowe, @Paul_Breitkreuz, @Bill_Fach, @Marylynne_Diggs, @Ed_McGuirk and @Dave_Dillemuth. Appreciate the comments.

And Dave, agree on the slight vignette. Actually I did burn down the corners a little and probably afraid of going too far.

Thanks everyone!

Heading out of town for the night to dreary Pacific Grove, Monterey, Carmel. :smiley:

Feel like I’m Rollin on the River. Can’t get these pop culture references out of my head this week. Like this a lot

Lon, this is a great “moving water” image, with a fine variety of colors. I like how the golden glow starts in the bottom right and then expands to fill the top section. A very dreamy view.

It’s almost like clouds across a warm sky, isn’t it. Lenticular clouds, that is.

Lon, this has got to be my favorite in the series. I really like what you have here and the green and yellow combination is exquisite. The line created by the wave is just superb. Very very nice.

Nice comment you make about time, Lon - I think this image might be a metaphor for the flow of time. Very soothing to contemplate with its gentle rhythms and delicate hues.