Morning Cormourant

I’m posting two versions of this Cormourant standing quietly. The first is the “pushed the white slider” to make it closer to a true silhouette where I like the few hints of texture in the water, with the second version the “normally processed” version, which catches the morning sky reflections.

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Good choices. I find the little bit of water in the first to be more distracting than providing context. That said, the second, in my opinion, qualifies as a silhouette, most definitely and the subtle colors and waves heighten the drama of it all.

I am leaning towards the second version for the morning reflections, Mark. For me at least, the reflections do give just a hint of context while still keeping the image a silhouette. Lovely capture.

Oh, I definitely prefer the 2nd version. The cormorant is still in silhouette, even though the water has a bit of texture and color.

The “push the white” edit is amazing! With the ripples in the water breaking up the reflection when I first saw it I thought it was a sketch! It’s very unusual and interesting. The ripples on the left are a bit distracting but could be cleaned up pretty easy.
Second exit is awesome too, but first one gave me that wow that made me open it and look closer