Morning Fog on Kiawah Island

Out for a walk on my first morning at Kiawah, it was beautifully foggy, and I saw these trees reflecting on the pond in the fog.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome. Should I clone out the bottom left grass. Or should I crop it out? I posted one with the grass in LL cloned out. Thanks in advance.

Technical Details

Samsung S22 phone with a few correcctions in photoshop.

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Hi Roberta.

Beautiful composition. I would definitely leave the grass out. good job

I agree with leaving the grass out, but to me the image feels top-heavy, even with it in. I think the shapes and reflections here are interesting enough to justify placing the “horizon” near the center. The very attractive meadow and shore grasses on the right break the symmetry enough to elevate this well above the “horizon in the middle” prohibitions.

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A very interesting symmetry photo, Roberta! I like the graphical effect of the trees. As for comments and critiques, I agree completely with what Diane Miller said.

@robertakayne This is a very striking image. I really love how the trees and their reflections form a visual circle. I also like Dian’s idea of cropping from the bottom with the grass removed.

@Diane_Miller @karlag @Gary_Minish @PhilippJakesch Thank you all for your kind comments and compliments as well as your suggestions! I agree that the crop version works best, and I’ve done that. Many thanks!

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