My favorite tree

This is my favorite tree, and it is only 15 minutes walk from my home. But it has been a challenge to get a nice picture of it, this is my favorite until now, but I know I have to do better!
I would appreciate any kind of feedback!
It was taken with a manual 14mm lens so I don´t have aperture data, ISO 400 and 1/8s

I like this image for the mood the dark green and twisted branches provide. I would have called it My Favorite Rock, however, because the tree is part of the background. In answer to your question I would consider what it is about the tree that you like and create a composition for that.

In this particular composition I feel that the eye goes back and forth between fern and rock(codominance). The rock feels to be naturally the main subject.

I can see why this is a favorite tree of yours as it appears to have a lot of character with those twisting limbs; and the good thing is it is only a 15 minute walk from your home. The fog is always a wonderful element and I do like the slightly darker mood in this scene. I know you said this is about the tree, but for me I think the fern, rock and tree all share equal importance and that is not a bad thing. I do not know what is on the other side of the tree, but it looks as though you could get some images from that side as well. This is nicely done.

Juan, the tree does look like it has a ton of character, with it dark twisted branches. In this view, I agree with Igor and Ed, that the story is about the location with the fern, the boulder and the tree playing major roles. I like your low angle view. While I’m not sure what’s up there, one thought would be to stay low but tilt the camera up more to see more of the tree’s shape. That will create a challenge with the lighting and sky, so time of day and type of lighting may be critical elements. It’s always fun to have a challenge that is easy to get to, so you can try ideas and lean which one work.

I think I’d like more tree and less rock/dirt. Love the atmosphere and mood!

You are right, the tree is not the main attraction in the picture, but was on mi mind, and looks like it stayed there! I took many picture were the tree was the most important in the picture, as planned but at the end this was my favorite.
@Ed_Lowe the tree is on a quite steep slope, so if I stand on the other side I see the tree from below. I tried some compositions standing on the left with the big branch coming to the camera, but still nothing that I’m happy with.
I’ll keep trying, today I miss a good opportunity, same conditions as in the posted picture.
Thanks everyone!

This is a beautiful image, Juan. I think the tree makes an excellent background to the more brightly lit fern and rock. I’m not really a lanscape person and I’ve never had any luck pulling an individual tree out of a forest, so I admire those who can.

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