My First Time

So this is my first time doing this type of photography art. I have always strive for super sharp images but wanted to experiment with this type of art. I will admit that I had a hard time taking the image as I’m not used to moving the camera during a shot. I like the colors and “fluidity” of the image but who am to judge something I’ve never done before.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Give it to me - all of it cause I must learn from your input.

Any pertinent technical details:

This is actually taken in the Florida Everglades and it’s sawgrass blowing in the wind with a canal as the backdrop. It may look “pretty” but sawgrass will cut you to pieces by simply touching it the wrong way.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Hi Noel. I have a tough time coming up with critiques for abstracts like this, but I do like the strong verticals of the sawgrass. I also like the vibrant colors and hint of sharpness in the grasses. Most abstracts of this sort seem to use muted colors and tend to look softer, so this is an interesting contrast.

You mentioned moving the camera. Could you tell something about the direction of movement and shutter speed you used?

Hi Noel

Welcome to NPN. Photo Art is always an experiment - it’s more like painting is the way I like to think about it. You are definitely the one to judge because you probably had a “look” you were striving for.

I like your photo. I’m assuming you panned vertically but not for long? If you did not use an ND filter you might want to try that and go for a longer pan ( both time wise and physically longer). That all depends on the look you were going for though. You might want to provide more details of how you did this and what you were seeking to achieve.

Hello Dennis

Thnak you for your comments. I moved the camera vertically using a shuuter speed of 1/15, F14 and ISO was set at 100. Needless to say, most of the images I took were not of my liking because I wanted to keep the sawgrass looking vertical and not just a screen of colors. Of course, the sawgrass was also blowing with the wind so nature added it’s movement to the image…



Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your wonderful comments.

Yes, I panned vertically at a shutter spead of 1/15, F14, ISO 100. I didn’t use an ND filter because to be honest I never thought of it and I was not there to shoot thgis type of image. Your suggestion of the ND filter is a great one and I may try it in the future. I will admit that this type of photographer was much harder than I thought it would be.

Thanks again.


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Hi Noel,
Nice first post! There is a technical workflow for capturing these types of abstracts, You may want to look at Tony Sweet’s Work

or read, 'Impressionistic Photography’ by Charles Needle. I think you did a good job here.!

A few things, the saturation is a bit heavy, when I took the image into ACR the histogram was registering blown highlights in the red channel and there were no blacks. The light on the image is consistent like it was a front-lit moment. In the post you need to add some depth with adding shadows & negative space, directing light and a little dodge and burning. It just needs to be sculpted to get the eye to move around through the image. Good 1st Image

Excellent input, thank you. I found this really hard to do but with your input and further practice I may get a little better.

Thanks again.


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Hi Noel,
This image just popped up in my feed on NPN, and I wanted to comment on it, even though it’s been a while since you posted it. I love the colors and the saturation and the abstract feel of the photo. You, ultimately, are the judge of your work, and you get to decide what you like. I’d say keep doing this kind of work if you like it. Good luck with your photography.

Likewise, I just noticed this photo. I think it spectacular and prefer the original. Keep it up!