Need for Speed

This was my first attempt at ICM photography. I will say I had tons of fun. I took 30-40 pictures before I got something decent. It’s definitely something to try, especially if you ever get in a rut with your favorite photography genre. Image was captured handheld.

Specific Feedback Requested

Would love your feedback and what I can do different next time.

Technical Details

Settings were f5.6, ISO 100, 0.4sec. Processed in LR with basic adjustments and tone curve.


Mozzam, this is nicely done and captured. There’s plenty of blur, and yet we see clearly the subject of your photo. Another thing I really like in the image is the warm colors near the car in contrast with the overall cold colors. I don’t have anything in particular to make it better, but if you want to experiment with a different crop, I’d suggest eliminating part of the bottom of the image to give a wider sense of a widescreen shot.

Mozzam, the blurring here looks good. However because this is about non-nature, I’ve moved it to the Non-nature gallery. Please read the posting description for the weekly challenge gallery.


My apologies Mark. I read the email “On The Move”which did not specify, unless I missed it. Thanks

Terrific image, Mozzam. I like the blur of the background. The placement of the car in the center right is well done too. Gives the car some room to move into the scene.

From the description of the Weekly Challenge:

Non-Nature images are not permitted in this category unless noted otherwise.

By Default: Images that are Non-Nature are not permitted in the weekly challenge .