About 7 miles from my home, just across the border with Germany, are a few small man-made lakes. Peat extraction in the 19th century has created these waters, fed by a small river.
There is a foot path between the stream and the lakes. It is a nice place to photograph water fowl. The birds, but also coypus, are used to people walking by and can often be captured from relatively close distance. The banks of the water are nice in spring.
Nothing spectacular, but a nice place for a stroll with a camera.


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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Pentax K5, 90mm, 1/200 @f11, ISO 200.
Is this a composite?

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This is a really cool location, I can see why you are drawn here. Because of the empty sky I thought about a 16x9 crop to eliminate some of the empty space a the tree is already cut off on the right so it doesn’t really impact that in my opinion. I I also cropped off just a bit from the left because the tree in the back is so close. I think your colors are spot on, and the bird in the LRC is a fun find when exploring. Depending on where this faces it might be interesting to go back in different seasons and different times to see how it changes.

Nice image, Han! I like the crop that David suggested. You might also consider bringing up the shadows slightly, just to open up some of the details in the tree. I love the setting and composition. Good shot!

This is a lovely image Han. Beautiful colours and tones. I can just imagine sitting here and enjoying the serenity!

Thank you, @David_Wallace , @Mark_Ali and @Sammi_Wilson for viewing and for your comments!
This is indeed a place to visit in different seasons and different times of the day. Autumn isn’t very spectacular (these trees generally don’t show strong autumn colors), but there will be migrating birds. Spring is probably the best time, but it is interesting year around.

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Hans, this does look like a great place to visit. There’s a strong sense of quiet in your photo. I like mix of the lake and the tallgrasses against the trees and how strong you’ve made the presence of that tree on the right. A minor nit, is that I’d like to see all of that tree on the left. It too has a nice, subtle presence and balance well with the big tree on the right.