When I found a dead crow in my yard of course I left it there. Yes, I’m crazy, but I knew it would be beautiful eventually. The first day I shot it, there was no frost, but the next day there was. What an amazing thing to happen for this image. I really should print it. As I shot, a few of its still living brethren flew overhead calling a raucous good morning. Crows, as a rule, are not very sentimental.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything useful for improvement is welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Tripod and vintage Olympus Zuiko 90mm f/2 macro set to f/11


Lr processed for some exposure adjustment and careful management of whites and blacks. Added clarity, texture, sharpening and cropped to a free-ratio that I’ll probably have to change to print it. Or add a border. Ps to eliminate a distraction or two.


This is really striking, Kris. The frost adds just the right highlights. And the composition is terrific too. Yes, print this one.

The frost is a great addition, especially the bigger crystals at the tip of the upper feather.

Thanks @Mark_Seaver & @David_Bostock. My dead crow images aren’t for everyone, but there is beauty almost everywhere if you look hard enough.

I find this intriguing and beautiful! Maybe it helps to know the backstory, but frost like this on anything is worth shooting. I love the detail and the soft dropoff in focus and tonality of the BG.

Frost is like fog and bacon - it makes everything better! I’m glad others find it beautiful. I like it very much.