New Category to find other photographers and a new category for the F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast

We have been hard at work adding new features to make NPN even better!

Find a Photography Friend

Photography can often be a solitary activity, but sometimes you want to meet some new friends or just feel safe not hiking alone. We now have a section dedicated to connecting NPN members, which is only visible to paying members.

Find a Photography Friend Category

Add a post about a specific hike you want to do with someone else, or just post the city you live in and that you’re looking to meetup to photograph or just hang out and talk photography.

F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast Category

We have added a new category specific to the discussion of this podcast. If you’re not interested in this don’t worry, you have to opt-in to see it.

If you want to join in on the fun you can join the group here. Once you have joined the group you will see the category on the front page of the forum and the posts will show in your Latest feed, or click here after you join the group.

We will be working on more partnerships like this to connect the nature photography community in a much larger manner. We will be reaching out to camera clubs to see if they want to create a private group to keep members connected in between meetings, if you have a contact with someone at your camera club who may be interested please let me know!

We have a lot more exciting news on the way, so stay tuned!


Hi David
This is super that you are developing these other ventures. I wonder if you could explain what the f stop group is and who runs it? Purpose? Focus(no pun intended)?

Hey Kathy, this group is for anyone who listens to @Matt_Payne’s podcast F-Stop Collaborate and Listen, which I would highly recommend, he has some great guests. This category is hidden unless you join the group, so it’s sort of private but anyone can join. Matt will be running this category and it is mainly for discussion about the show, you can pose questions to future guests of the show or talk about episodes as many of the guests raise interesting discussions. The group has been over on Facebook but is moving here.

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What a terrific idea David! This will be a great service to Camera Clubs and other groups which will certainly introduce them to NPN which is good for the entire community of nature photographers!!!


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Great idea on the Photo Friends, David. Some of our most memorable adventures involved connecting with other photogs.

As for the podcast connection, another very good idea. We’re on a pay-as-we-go connection to the web, so sadly I won’t be joining. Certainly if we get a better connection someday, I’ll join in.

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Hey David, this ‘find a friend’ sounds like a great feature!

Just wanted to let you know that the link is not working:

Hope all is well!

That’s odd, you may have to refresh for it to work. Good to see you back, I’ll be in touch soon!

Thanks for the quick feedback. I figured it out. Because it is a locked feature (behind a login), the page only shows if a user is already logged in.

Thanks for the info, i’ll have to give the podcast a listen!