Night sky white balance

I’m just curious about how other photographers set their white balance in camera or adjust it in post processing.

I personally will set my camera for 3,600 to 3,900 Kelvin for no moon, and then 4,400 for a moon lit scene. I then do minor tweaks in Lightroom to get it to what pleases me. For a winter’s snowy night scene, I will use the eye dropper tool and click on a section of the snow and that usually gets the scene to look the way I want.
I like my scene to look more natural, not so much a cool blue look. I heard on someone’s podcast that it was Hollywood movies that made night scenes blueish and because of that a lot of people think their photograph needs to be bluish. I try not to go so far as making my scene warmish, but I definitely don’t make it blue like you would get with a tungsten white balance.
If you want to post an example of what you think is best for a night shot that would be great, maybe explain how you achieved you final white balance.
Finally, I prefer my night snowy night scene with a quarter moon side lit or front lit to illuminate the foreground and give shadows but still leave lot’s of stars in the sky .

I leave my camera set to Auto White Balance and adjust in post.

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I use daylight white balance for night shots but I tend to shift the balance towards blue in post

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