NPR Profile on Large Format Photographer Janelle Lynch

Winding down on the weekend, I opened up NPR’s website to see a profile on Janelle Lynch, a large format nature photographer. This was my first exposure to her work. It’s always neat to see folks working with large format film; most of my exposure to the format has been following Ben Horne and Alan Brock’s YouTube channels. She has a variety of work on her website, not just nature photographs.

Here is the NPR piece:

In a world of fast scrolling, Instagramable photography, it’s nice to see a piece in mainstream media about a slower, less “epic” approach to imagery. I thought I’d share in hopes the community would enjoy taking a look. Cheers

I really liked the images she posted on her website. It’s interesting that we are told to avoid busy images yet she uses ‘busyness’ in a very creative way. Her images seem to invite confusing backgrounds and she counterpoints the well defined foreground with the busy background. The visual tension between the two is what makes the images.

I enjoyed her words and thoughts as well as her photographs. If you are interested in film and large format photographers, I recommend you check out the work of Michael Strickland and Tom Kirkendall. Tom is a master at black & white traditional and alternative darkroom processes. I am always inspired when co-leading workshops with these two Muench Workshops pros.

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Thank you for those recommendations. I’m familiar with Michael’s work but will certainly check out Tom’s. I also really enjoy Alex Burke’s large format work.

Her work is beautiful, without being sentimental, as is Tom Kirkendall’s. I did not know about the Van D y k e printing process - Kirkendall’s prints are lovely. I enjoy Alex Burke’s work, also. His sunrise prairie-town photos are wonderful.

(P.S. I had to laugh - the forum doesn’t allow the work D y k e! It wouldn’t let me post!)