Oak Tree Glow + Vertical

I was able to isolate this Engleman oak on top of this hillside during a summer sunrise while in the Santa Rosa Plateau, CA.
Not too much to add beyond the grasses were fairly green after some rare springtime rains. Most of the year these hillsides are usually a gold or brown tone to the grasses.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 150mm - Velvia 50 QL.

Here is a vertical crop of original.

Beautiful and grand oak proudly standing amongst the grasses.

Love the light on the tree and the foreground. The oak has a really nice shape, and the hints of green grass work well. The processing looks good to my eye. Bluebird skies can be sort of meh, but it works very well here. Nice job, Paul.

Lovely light on the tree, Paul. Given the slope up to the tree, I wonder how a vertical composition would look?

@Harley_Goldman, @Preston_Birdwell, Thank you both for your comments…:sunglasses:

@Dennis_Plank, thank you for your comment and suggestion. I’m sure a vertical would have worked and this of course could be cropped into one. But, I did not take any verticals as stand alone images at the time…:grin:

Paul, the lighting is lovely. The lone tree and the extensive field sure do invite me to wander around. While bluebird skies, are especially interesting visually, they do indicate a beautiful day for outdoor activities.

Beautiful light on the oak tree along with the FG grasses, Paul. I also like the subtle gradation of color in the sky; works very nicely with the rest of the scene IMO.


Great comp and I love the light and soft glow. Quite beautiful.


nice palette of color in this .I agree with Dennis ( I wonder how a vertical composition would look?)

The square crop looks good also, it creates a more static feeling (as centered subjects are known for :grin: )

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Love the colors that the film has provided.

Very beautiful, Paul. The Velvia color palette is unmistakable. I prefer the original with the negative space to the right.

I like the repost, Paul. To me, the hill feels hillier if that makes any sense.

A stately image that really showcases the California landscape. I love the glow in the sky and beautiful colors.

Your work is quiet and beautiful Paul. A real treat.

The square crop’s the ticket for me, Paul.