Old and new leaves in a pond

Here’s a look into a small, shallow pond taken a month ago. While the lily pads are rapidly fading, the grass (that I can’t ID) seems quite happy. I did enjoy being about to see through the sky reflection to see some of the grass underwater. (5D3, 100-400@ 214, 1/13 s, f/9, iso 100, tripod)

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A very crisp duo chromatic image with nice composition, lines, and color. Looks like you used a polarizer on this one. I like the level of saturation.

Very nice, Mark. I like the mix of old and new. Being able to see into the water to the grasses below is a nice bonus.

Mark: Really good stuff for a color junkie like me. Love the color palette and the contrast between the pads and the grasses. Well seen and very nicely presented. >=))>