Old Cottonwood + REPOST

Here is another from my journey to Utah a couple weeks back.

D810, 24-70mm


Harley, This is wonderful. Beautiful color and a great composition. Really enjoy looking at this.


This is very nice and I like the glowing yellows of the cottonwood. The slightly off center placement of the tree works well for the comp too…Jim

I always enjoy photos like this with the trees against the rocks. Nicely composed; love the colors.

That tree is a real beauty Harley, and it is in about as peak color as one could ask for. This beings back pleasant memories of a couple trips to Zion in autumn. I especially like how you have it placed against a background wall with some depth to it, it creates more of a 3D feeling in the image. Very nicely done.

Oh wow, this is spectacular! I absolutely love this.

Beautiful, Harley. It has a sort of Guy Tal look to it in terms of post processing. I would burn in the highlights at the very bottom and if that starts to look a bit unnatural then I would crop off some of the very bottom to avoid that brightness. It’s an exceptional tree but what makes this image for me is the yellow on red color combination. Looks like your Zion trip proved to be very beneficial.

Another beauty Harley. You really did catch some great color. I might think about either cropping or cloning the little cleft in the cliff top left corner. Real minor.

Harley, another fine cottonwood scene from your trip to UT. here. A very stoic old cottonwood taking advantage like they always do with the supply of water trickling in from the adjacent canyon and dry wash…:sunglasses:
The only change for me is the same as Gary’s. That being the divot in the ULHC. For whatever reason that was an immediate eye draw for me…:thinking:

Nicely done! I love the yellow on red color, and the detail is excellent. I wouldn’t mind seeing a tad more of the foreground. Other than that, this really works well.

Thanks for the feedback on the upper left corner. A little content-aware fill and the cliff is smoothed out on the repost. Much appreciated.

@Preston_Birdwell, showing more foreground was not really an option. It gets messy down there, but good thought.

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The tweak looks great, Harley. I totally understand the ‘messy foreground’ thing.

Man, this is real pretty. Great isolation of this cottonwood and exquisite color contrast with the sandstone. Processing looks great. Only suggestion, would be to lightly burn down the brightness of the bottom strip of scrub.

Harley, wonderful image. Great seeing, great processing, no nits from me with the repost. Just simply awesome.

A wonderful image, Harley! The color pallet is very pleasing to the eye. The repost finishes it off perfectly. Nicely done!

Harley, this is a great shot. The tree really glows against the red rock background. I’ll be the odd man, and say that I like the little alcove in the ulc, it’s like finding an easter egg in software, an added extra tidbit.

This is outstanding Harley! I like the character of the tree and the contrasting color between the autumn leaves, sage and the canyon wall. This is a very nice composition!

Love this Harley! My first thought wasn’t “Old Cottonwood” buy “Old Glory!” This is one glorious cottonwood and surrounded by even more beauty. I love the diversity of the foreground and surround vegetation and of course the rock.

I was looking and looking comparing the original and repost and could’t see what you did different - but it should have been obvious - just didn’t catch it until I finished reading the post. The cloning worked nicely to reduce the eye-catching top corner.

Love this!