On the Rocks with a Splash of Salt

This is a repost from the old site but I thought it fit the challenge. Stellar Sea Lions hauled up on the rocks on the East side of Glacier Island, Prince William Sound nea Valdez, Alaska. The ocean swells were crashing on the rocks and made for some nice dynamics.

Sony a6500, FE 100-400 GSM @ 400 mm, ISO-200, f/5.6, 1/1600, hand held from a rocking boat.

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Oh gosh, Gary, I adore this image. It’s a winner in my book. From the image design perspective, that splash and the diagonal it creates set off against the sea lions are very successful in creating an emotionally compelling image. And the tech is perfect, too. Tack sharp and the detail is amazing.

You captured great poses among the regal subjects, along with a good wave. Most enjoyable.

Stunning detail and color in this image, I like the diagonals and the water to rock transition.

That 1/1600 SS has created some lovely details in the water, Gary. I am also enjoying the color palette here as the water is quite lovely and the sea lions stand out nicely from the rocky BG. It would have been even better if that wave on the right was not clipped, but you certainly can not control that. Beautifully done.

It’s funny Gary, but when I look at this my mind registers more about the boat you’re on (and the boat handler, of course). The timing, framing and exposure are exquisite, but hats off to the hands on the camera for managing the shot in rough water, as well as the boat/handler for putting you in the right spot. If you were both photographer and driver, I’m even more impressed. I’ve tried it from our own boat and was always too distracted by boat handling to manage good photography as well.

Please, I do love this image as is, but when viewing the greater detail images, I am torn. I also greatly love a closer crop. The way that center seal’s fur catches the light is magical and is somewhat lost in the larger image. The closer crop also really highlights the spray.

Great capture, Gary. I love the poses of the sea lions as they try to avoid the oncoming wave. Pur delight.


I think I remember this one - and it was fantastic then and still fantastic now! Great nature story, action and overall beautiful execution and capture.


Gary: Makes me want to be there! Reminds me of some scenes we experienced on our Alaskan trip in 2017. I can hear the crash of the surf and the call of the sea lions. Marvelous! >=))>

Quite the animal/surf action shot, Gary. The green water looks great and the amount of flying spray is great. Having the Sea Lions and rocks for a backdrop works very well.