Only hoar-frost

Only hoar-frost colored the forest white for a few days this year. For the rest we had to do with rain, rain and more rain,

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I love the light and the flow of the branches in this image, Ben. Well seen and executed.

What beautiful light! The backlit pine needs are wonderful. The flowing lines of the foreground tree are offset by those background trees coming in from the other direction. Very nice. There is one area of a different tone (more reddish) just to the right of the lower middle edge. If you want that to stand out, it works because the reddish tone is so different from the rest of the frame. If you don’t want it to stand out, perhaps cooling it down would be nice.

Hoar frost is always delightful as well as rare, Ben. Your near/far emphasis shows off both the frost and the larger setting well.

Ben: Exceptionally well seen, composed and captured. I love the lighting especially and the peek into the shadowed BG. Top notch. >=))>