Peters' Forest Gecko

I don’t do nearly enough macro work, and it seems every time I do I’m armed with different gear because I can’t make up my mind on what works best. This was taken back in 2012 in Borneo, where I experienced some of the coolest tropical night walks I’ve had anywhere. The Peters’ forest gecko is a large, handsome species, and we had two hanging out on a tree trunk this night (this image is flipped 90 degrees). The eyes (and scales around them!) seemed appropriate for this week’s theme.

Canon 1DIV
100mm 2.8 macro
MT-24EX flash
ISO 400


Hi Max,

Gercko’s have cool eyes and this one is no exception. My only nit is to clone out the right hand flash highlight… Other than that, fine as presented…Jim

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Max, the details in the eye are amazing! It’s also way cool how they coordinate with the skin and the tree trunk that it’s perched on. I’d hate to have to explore the maze in this eye… :wink:

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Max, this is outstanding. Those eyes are really something. You were really able to get in close on this guy. I love macro photography, because it is like seeing a whole other universe. Things we can’t see the details of until we get them up on the screen even. It also means you can have a subject without leaving home, or not having to travel far. Hope you are able to post more in the Macro galleries.

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Well done and superb detail. I would also clone out the extra flash reflection.

Max: Really cool looking eye with great detail in the larger version. I might be tempted to make both flash reflections go away but certainly the right one. Pretty small nit though. Nice catch and a fine capture. >=))>

Excellent macro, Max! The details and colors in that eye are amazing! Perfect for the theme and I think it was a good choice to rotate it.