Photography Fun

After the rain I was out at the botanical gardens today and thought I would have some fun with this one lens. I included where the camera was position for this photo.

Self Critique (click to reveal)

I am trying to be creative, so any feedback welcome.

Technical Details

R6m2 Canon 11-24 f/4 at 11mm 1/25 f/22 iso 400.

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Looks like fun, Dean, as long as you don’t get too close to the cactus. Great angle and detail. Amazing you could be so close. Were you just inches from the cactus? Great idea.

It was inches away. This is the first time I tried a barrel cactus

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I like this, Dean. The low position, the wide angle view, it all works well together. I wish those two twigs weren’t in the image, but not sure you were allowed to move anything, so I’m good with the way it is presented. I love that I can see even taller and different kinds of cactus in the BG. Well done!

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The view of the cactus looks great, Dean. Your position shows of the spines and the folds well. I do think that some burning-in along the top (including some of the top spines) would show off this barrel even better. I also like that you’ve got some environmental information in the background.

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