Will the Photoportfolios be coming back. Ron

Ron, I have suggested to David that a portfolio section be integrated in this new NPN site.

The Personal Gallery feature on the old NPN site was a first-step to integrating PhotoPortfolios, but it never came to fruition for a variety of reasons. I think the architecture of the new NPN site will support it better and at this early stage, be much easier to accomplish than trying to update the old PhotoPortfolios site.

The worst case scenario is having to re-upload photos to a new section, but IMO having that integrated here is the preferable solution.

Just 2-cents from one member’s perspective. :slight_smile:

Hi Ron,

Unfortunately photoportfolios will not be coming back. The site is so old that it would incredibly difficult to repair and there are not many still using it.

I would be interested to hear how many people are still interested in a portfolio site, with all the great sites like zenfolio, squarespace, smugmug, flickr, etc. what makes a site like this stand out from a very crowded marketplace?

I will be looking at options to create something like this, but I do not have high hopes that it will be achievable without incurring massive expenses. It may happen someday, but my focus for now is on NPN and making it as great as possible.


I would like for there to be a personal gallery feature. Even one that keeps a limited number of images.

But since it doesn’t exist can you please tell me(us) how long images stay on this site before they age out?


Unlike the old NPN, images will stay on the site forever, nothing will be deleted automatically.

Thanks for the feedback, I will be looking into options.

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Clearly the old Photo Portfolios site was in dire need of attention and it sounds like reviving it does not make any sense.

There are so many sites to create your own portfolio without knowing anything about the coding under the covers, that I don’t see why it needs to be incorporated here. David mentioned a few… Zenfolio, Smugmug, Flickr, Squarespace,… and many more. Building one of those on your own creates a truly personal gallery, rather than having it incorporated here.

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I agree with Keith, here. With so many options to create and maintain a portfolio, going to the added expense, and work to revive/ re-create does not make a lot of sense to me.

I do like the idea of Personal Gallery. However, as David has mentioned to me, it may not be easily integrated into NPN’s new platform (Discourse).

At this juncture, with everything being new to everyone, I think it best for all of us to concentrate on making the New NPN work as well as we can make it. Once things settle out, and any minor glitches are fixed, David can then look at add-ons.


One of the reasons these are good ideas is because they will give the member a sense of belonging here rather than being one of many forums to show off your images. A ‘home’, so to speak. For other members it won’t make a difference.


Hi David,

I agree the portfolios section of the old site was not really utilized, and probably not practical to revive.

By going to a member’s profile you can see the posts the member has created. This is very much like a gallery. This is the norm for many forums like this. However, there is no thumbnail of the image posted. With no thumbnail it is difficult to find a particular image previously posted. I do not know how the code is written for this site , but if it would be possible to see the thumbnail when viewing “Topics Created” on a member’s profile, this may be a fairly simple solution.

Reference to a member’s previous images does come up quite a bit in the forum. For example in the Avian forum, many times a member may have a set of images posted over time of a particular species.

By the way, the new site looks awesome!

I think Matt is on to something! The fact that we are having a discussion about portfolios and galleries indicates that such a feature is of significant value to at least some members, but we don’t really know how many. For that matter, do we REALLY know how big a factor a personal galleries/portfolio, or any other feature is in member recruitment and retention? PLEASE SEE MY NEW POST under the “Site Feedback” category: “Portfolios, Galleries, and What People Want from NPN – What Do We Know?”

It’s the reason I was a paying member, don’t know what it is that I’m paying for with a new membership. I suppose it’s for the ability to share and critique. Also need to enable PayPal as I’m not going to share credit card info here. Ron

I, too, like Matt’s ideas, and would consider using it as a portfolio.

Great points Mark, I would also love to see an image preview in the members profile. I am looking into this option but it may not be achievable at this time, hopefully in the future as membership picks up I may be able to pay someone to do this.

Too many other options, too much market saturation. Realistically, a lone photographer’s WordPress SEO-savvy blog stands a higher chance of hitting P1 at Google than does their Photoportfolio here on NPN. It doesn’t make sense for NPN or individuals to invest time and money into outmoded galleries and methods.


I think a photo portfolio would take attention away from the discussion, which to me is the main draw of this forum. It’s easy enough to go to someone’s profile and find their website.

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No matter the portfolio site of choice, I’ll pass along a lesson painfully learned in the Photobucket fiasco. KEEP A SHADOW PORTFOLIO on your own computer, whatever your choice of off-site storage and display. I created a folder on my desktop with sub-folders corresponding to each of my online categories. As I process images and size them for online use, I move them first to my desktop folder. THEN I copy it to my off-site destination.

It’s only a small extra step, but it’s incredibly handy to have all those images organized and saved within easy reach. Against the day any other service provider is foolish enough to try the Photobucket business model… Or suffers some catastrophic collapse. Or becomes too outdated.


I dont see a need for an integrated portfolio. Maybe a “website” or “portfolio” button in each post signature that links to your body of work.

I only recently realised that adobe include a portfolio product with the LR/PS CC subscription, so I thought I’d mention it here - because they are very very clean and you can use a custom URL of course.


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Just in case somebody come across this old post, we do have the ability to create portfolios now. Please see this post: New Feature: Personal Portfolios