Preservation of A Bloom

This Amaryllis bloom was dried and photographed on a light box to produce the X-Ray look

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Any and all are appreciated

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Very nice. Compellingly beautiful.

Wow this is really cool. So simple yet complex. Reminds me a bit of some high key work another poster (sadly missed) used to do here. Quite arresting. Did you do others with this technique?

Wow. That’s all I can say…Wow. The sense of depth is really awesome too.

The bloom actually dried on the plant-a case of neglect.Sadly to say ,I have never had another bloom dry like this . What was interesting ,was how transparent the bloom was after it dried.

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James, this is a great look at this “dried” flower. The sense of it being a line drawing is very strong even as there’s an fine sense of depth.

Love this! I really like dried blooms for their lines and textures (not everyone’s cup of tea.) This is a very strong, graphic image. I find myself looking closely at it over and over.


This is a very interesting image. The lines and shapes are fantastic. I like this as presented. Awesome…Jim

Thanks for the response. I have tried to replicate the technique but so far no luck.