Printing at Home

Hey all - so I’m curious if anyone here on NPN does their own printing at home? I’ve been starting to research getting a smaller format InkJet that I can start doing small proofs and work on my overall continuity from screen to print.

Anyone do this sort of thing? Any printer suggestions? I’m not needing to go beyond 11x17 if not 8.5x11 really. I just want something as high quality as possible (more inks?)


Hey, Jordan. There’s a thread over in “Gear” called “Canon Pixma Pro 100” with a lot of discussion on this issue and what different folks use. That particular printer will do 13x19 but the thing is they still price them based on making their money off the ink. You should be able to find them for no more than $150 after rebates and I’ve often seen them down to $100, yet they’ll do archival quality prints and all the paper manufacturers have profiles for them. If you go with Canon, ordering ink from them directly actually is cheaper than the big box office supply places.

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Jordon, I just picked up the Pixma Pro 100. So far, I have only used it to print greeting cards and they look great. B&H has the printer for $109 after the Canon mail-in rebate. That is amazingly inexpensive for a photo printer and a good one at that.

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Thanks guys! I was actually loooking st the Pixma 10, because that’s only $300 with rebate but damn $109 huh? I’ll give it a look see!

Well shoot! Thanks guys - just picked up the Pixma 100 and a setup of backup inks for $300 after rebate. Whoop whoop!

Hi Jordan,

I do my own printing and find the process rewarding. I use an old Epson 2200 and it cranks along despite its age as the printer is now close to 20 years old. Get paper from Red River Paper and they have paper profiles that you can download for the types of papers that they sell. Also invest in a good monitor calibration tool so that your prints are fairly accurate in color. The Pixma 100 should work well for and you will have fun getting everything tweaked for printing…Jim

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