Problems posting image for macro critique

I’ve tried posting (my first time) but don’t see my image. I must be doing something wrong.

Bill, I’m so sorry that you are having problems loading your image. I checked and I don’t see it in one of the other categories, so I would say it didn’t get loaded. Maybe if you could try again. When I loaded mine earlier today I clicked the link in the email and it took me to the right place to load it.

You might find this helpful.

Sorry about this @Bill_Lazar, the issue from this morning does not seem to be resolved, I’ll have to dig into this more. I have recovered the post for you, and it’s live now. @David_Starr, @subhasish_dutta, @Sarah_Marino , @Bill_Reichhardt, @Mike_Friel I have recovered your posts as well!


Thank you for the follow up with this. Please let me know when resolved. I would like to post more for critique later today if possible. Thanks again. Bill

It should be resolved enough to post now. It won’t go to the correct category, but I will fix that manually soon after posting. Please give it a try when you have a moment today.

This should be fully fixed now, sorry for the trouble!