A different view of the the flowering Night Fragrant Epidendrum (Epidendrum nocturnum) I posted before. This time with a much tighter perspective and without flash. I really liked the shape of the silhouette set against the full moon behind it which to me feels like some sort of ancient flying animal like a Pterodactylus :smiley:

It was a rainy and very humid night out in the rainforest so the front of the lens was rather foggy when I took this image which I think helps to partly explain the lighting effect.

Specific Feedback Requested

The light/shadow effects in the image are in the original and didn’t do any vignetting. While I do think having the strong shadows helps to lend the image a more eerie vibe I am not sure if for other viewers it is distracting.

Technical Details


Hi Dvir, wow great blues, shadows, and shapes in your image! My eye is immediately drawn to the bright light and then the long petals of the flower. I think the shadows and steely blue tones steal the show here. I don’t really have any corrections to offer. Great job on this!


I think this is extremely cool! The dark shadows are mysterious and don’t seem overdone. What an amazing flower, wonderfully composed.

I don’t often shoot in very humid conditions but a few times I’ve had lens fogging ruin an attempted shot. I’ve put a few hand-warmer packs beside my bag and hope I remember to bring them if I’m likely to be in very humid conditions. I’d try to attach one to the lens behind the hood, with a rubber band, and see if I could keep the lens warm enough to not fog over. I don’t know if that would cause problems with thermal mixing or if the warmth would throw focus off – I’d try to be careful not to overheat anything and would likely need some sort of cloth between the warmer and the lens. Haven’t had a chance to try it since I thought of it, though.

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Oh, this is very cool! Like an alien creature in the depths of the ocean.

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Wow, this is fantastic! Yes, very “cool” - LOVE the blue here. Just beautiful.

Outstanding work. The only suggestion I can think of is wondering what this might look like rotated 90deg as a vertical? Just a thought.

Thanks sharing. Love this!



Thank you @Alfredo_Mora !

@Bonnie_Lampley, Yes, I totally agree that it looks like a creature from the deep or some prehistoric animal.

Thank you @Lon_Overacker ! Here is how it would look as a vertical.

Thank you for the kind words @Diane_Miller! I think the main issue that night was that i was borrowing a lens from a friend that had no weather sealing and it was raining a lot and very humod (and in an open swampy area in the middle of a rainforest to boot) so fairly punishing conditions for a lens of that kind. Of course I have had many issues leaving the hotel room that was much cooler than the outside and having a foggy lens (front and back) and sometimes the best way to deal with that is to just let the lens sit for a bit outside until the condensation stops.