Quaker Ladies (Bluets)

Quaker Ladies (Houstonia caerulea) is one of the common names for these Bluets because their simple elegance and quiet beauty is a trait associated with Quaker women and the simplicity that many Quakers practice. These flowers are small and require moist, acidic soil, so they can be easily overlooked. This is a 15 shot stack to get multiple blooms across the frame sharp. (5D3, 180 mm macro, 1/60 s, f/8, iso 800, tripod)


Beautiful look at these flowers, Mark. I really like the way you used DOF in this one. Getting really picky, I might clone out the flower in the very URC, but that is getting picky.

Beautiful image of some very beautiful flowers. I like the presence of the oof flower in the upper left quadrant.

Lovely photo Mark and thanks for the history behind the name. The tiny yellow centers look like a little face. Really nicely done.

Beautiful, Mark, and a flower I’m not familiar with. I like the one oof flower in the upper left, but the two nearer the upper edge that look as if they’re coming in from above seem to bother my eye. A beautiful array.

Beautifully done, Mark. These little beauties are appropriately named as they do have a timeless elegance to them. Your stack looks spot on and I am enjoying the color palette in this miniature landscape. I also like the diagonal placement of the flowers as it adds a little visual tension. No suggestions from me.