Question about camera packs

I guess this question is about size. I am looking to upgrade my day pack / camera pack, but I do my photography on a shoestring budget so a 300 plus camera pack is out of the budget. Currently use an outdoor products day pack with a camera insert in it, it works but it’s awful light duty and is wearing out. So when I am looking on line I see sizes like 40L and bigger which I have trouble picturing how big that is and what size I should have for a day pack I currently carry a Canon 7D with 2 lens, tripod and all the usually stuff you need. Any suggestion will help.

Hank, when you say 2 lenses, are we talking a landscape setup, or something like a 500mm and a smaller lens? Pack suggestions that fit “wildlife lenses” may be different from a landscape-specific pack.

Once we have a better understanding of the size/amount of gear you need to take, you could look at buying a used pack from a reputable dealer. Some decent savings could be had there. I have used LowePro for about 12 years and Shimoda most recently and have had good experiences with both. Think Tank and F-stop also have good reviews with photographers.

this is a nature/landscape set up a Canon 10-22 and a Tokina 28-80 nothing real big or heavy.

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I have been looking at f-stop but they are way out of my price range.

LowePro is excellent. I carry about 20 lbs in a large LowePro for 4 years now and still holding up strong. Has good back support as well

Hi Hank,
the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW II is an old model, but should be more than enough for what you need, and should be half your budget.
I’m still using mine from time to time