Question on posted image size

Some images, when clicked on, are enlarged once, some you can click again and enlarge further. How does one limit the post so it is only enlarged once? Thanks.

Normally, my images are 1200 pxls on the longest size. They zoom in nicely. It is likely that this feature has been incorporated in the websites software. Dave should be able to address this…Jim

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It’s completely based on the size of the originally posted image. If the OP (original poster) posts an image and they upload only a 1000px image, well, then most folk’s browsers will display that full image in their browser and clicking on it further won’t give you a larger view.

Let’s say however, that you’re viewing NPN on a decent 27" or larger monitor AND the OP posts an image where they didn’t resize and they posted an image that’s 4,000px on the long side. Here’s what happens. You open the image from within the post. The SW algorithm is smart enough to know and it resizes the image to FIT within YOUR browser window. that’s cool and works well givin most users the same viewing experience despite the size of their monitor.

HOWEVER, if the OP posts a large image (letting the Sw resize for them…) AND you have a large monitor, AND, you then click AGAIN, a second time, on the image, it will resize to it’s original dimensions, which will likely fill your screen and more! Giving you all the detail of the original images.

So, in summary:

  • depends entirely on the size/dimensions of the image being posted … and/or
  • if large original sizes are being posted, then it may depend on the viewers monitor size…and how much they are able to see when they click on your “larger view.”

Hope this make sense.


Thanks Lon. I tried looking with NPN for info that might help answer this question for Allen, and didn’t see anything. That makes all the sense in the world though, that it depends on what size we post, and the size monitor that we view it on.

Sorry I missed this question, Lon is spot on. If you don’t want your image to be enlarged then you just post a smaller size. I assume the concern is over image security?

Thanks to all who responded. I did as Jim suggested and decreased the image size in PS, but there was still the second enlarged version. I don’t think my monitor size is a factor because some people’s images only enlarge once. Actually, it’s not image security, it’s that some of my images look fine at the first enlargement, but are not quite sharp at the second enlargement. Is posting a smaller size done on the NPN site? or do I create a small file size from PS? Thanks.

What settings are you using for export? If you post an image over 3mb the software will resample it down to 3mb. This is something that was implemented fairly recently to help keep file sizes from being incredibly large and slow loading for those with a slow connection. Was the jpg you uploaded over 3mb? If you use a quality of 60 in Photoshop when exporting you still maintain great quality and the file size will almost always be under 3mb so no resampling will take place. I’ll add something to the guidelines that clarifies this. If this isn’t the case for you, then please email me the original jpg that you posted along with a link to the post where you’re seeing the problem and I’ll investigate it.

Also, related to this, @David_Kingham, if you have more than one picture posted on the image, then it won’t enlarge it the second time. Here is an experiment. This one gets enlarged twice on my monitor, NEC PA272W 2560px resolution on the long side. The image is 1800 px wide.

Now, this is an image where I have two images.



Yeah I don’t like that either Adhika, I’ve brought it up to the developers and unfortunately they have not implemented this yet, hopefully it may happen in the future.


Thank, @David_Kingham. I must confess that I’m not familiar with setting a quality of 60 in PS. I do try to decrease the file size and looking at the file sizes of the ones posted this year, all are under 3 mb, most under 2, and some under 1, yet all enlarge twice. It’s not really that big a deal, I guess I’m satisfied with the look at the first enlargement and would want comments based on that, not on the second enlargement which is often a bit soft. Thanks again and thanks for keeping NPN a great place for nature photographers.