Recurring shadows

Image:Cedarberg foothills


Specific Feedback Requested: Views on composition and cropping welcome. And any technical fiddling that could improve the image.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Sony RX100 VI. ISO 100. f8. 1/50 sec

It’s an interesting image Marian, and one I probab ly would not consider taking myself.

I am no expert on this craft, but I’ll put my 2 bobs worth in.

If I was shooting this seen, and the trough (or bathtub) was the main subject, I’d try to include all of it. A couple of steps backward may have enabled that. I like the fenceline. But it leads me very well into the middle of the image. Which is also not a bad thing, but takes me away from the subject. Maybe a different crop to exclude the triangle of sky? Or perhaps you have a frame with more sky?

There are some beautful shadows on the trough that maybe worth while bringing out a little.