Red burst



Red hibiscus, the only one in the garden open, bright red, big, on a cloudy day. Fascinating to look at just by itself.

Specific Feedback Requested: does it create an impact?. Focus on the central element that has thin hairs. Is that OK?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Lens 105mm (f/2.8 VRS)
ISO 320


Yes for me this photo creates an impact because of the bright colours. I find the out-of-focus elements create a lovely abstract impression. I find the in-focus hairs interesting.
Thanks, I enjoyed looking at your photo.

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The red and yellow are very eye catching, Marie, with the details in the pistils adding extra interest.

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I like this one also Marie. As Mark noted, the bright reds and yellows are very striking, but what I like most is the lovely soft focus. One thing I would try is to soften the sharp hairs (those against the yellow background) that dominate and draw my eyes from the lovely soft areas. While those hairs do seem to provide a contrast with the remainder of the image, it might look good to have them blurred somewhat so that just the small hairs around the central pistil head are sharp against the red background…maybe. Cheers.

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thank you!