Seeking The Lost

Sony A700
Minolta 24-85 @ 45mm, CPL
ISO 200, 1/25 @ f11
Lost Maples State Natural Area, Vanderpool, Texas
Tucked away about 100 or so miles west of San Antonio, Lost Maples is a small area of canyons and hills with an inexplicable concentration of maple and oak trees that is a Mecca for color seeking Texans in the fall. This is a wide view of one of my favorite old friends that I like to check up on when we visit. All comments welcome. >=))>


Hi Bill, Texas? This could easily be a New England scene, with the Fall foliage and stream. I like the muted colors and how the water leads the viewer deeper into the photo. Your old friend has an interesting hole, which comes with age, I’m thinking. Nicely done!

Great color and reflection. I might be tempted to burn down the white rock in the background, but otherwise looks quite nice. .

I’ve never been there in the fall, Bill, but it is a lovely area. All that limestone (Harley’s comment) does make for some difficult photography at times. This is just plain lovely. I particularly like the reflection in the creek.

This is a beautiful image, Bill. I too would have thought New England, not Texas for this scene. I also love how the reflections of color in the stream lead my eye deeper into the image. I can see why this old maple might be considered an old friend. Looks like a very inviting place to just go and enjoy nature.

a lot to look at in this image. Very nice color. Excellent reflection. I could certainly see half a stop darker on the limestone. but overall well composed.

Bill, my kind of image. This is pretty much perfect in my book. Great work!

Beautiful image with numerous curves and arcs. I’m surprised you find this to be busy in the photographic sense. Perhaps members have different definitions for that.

Great processing, Bill, to get the overall highly textured feel with such delicate shades of colour - and a most charming composition.

Bill, the tree and creek looked familiar. This is lovely with the high key treatment and a lovely reflection. The swing of eye movement (llc, right middle, ulc) adds a nice touch of liveliness.

A very busy but beautiful scene with a nice peaceful atmosphere, Bill. My preference would be a little less exposure for richer color and contrast detail but a great shot, just the same.

Bill, this photo is truly poetic justice at its heart. You have caught nature in its most beautiful form.