Dawn on the Oregon Coast.

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This is gorgeous, Chris. What a great place to start your day.

A beautiful scene, Chris, and captured well. The pinks certainly speak of serenity and I’m glad you minimized the water because the incoming breakers don’t look very serene :slightly_smiling_face:.

A very pleasant, pastel scene, Chris! I can almost hear the constant sound of the breaking waves. I also like the layered look.

This just screams (ha ha) serenity. The color is gorgeous.

Chris, this is sooooo peaceful! Love the frame full of subtle pinks and the thin line of breaking surf.

@linda_mellor @Mark_Seaver @Gary_Minish @Jim_Lockhart @Bonnie_Lampley Thank you for your kind comments. I’m glad you agree that it is a serene image.

Chris, this is very serene! I love the subtle pinks, the close ripples, the distant waves and the hint of blue sky peeking through the clouds. Great job.

@kelly_cole Thanks for your comments!