A weird pinkish blue glow that is a bit unsettling. But I do find the S curve and curtain of ice peaceful. It was a serene moment, with geese and swan swooping in to settle down for an evening feed.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 200; 46mm; f9.0; 8.0 secs; tripod


I actually think the color is really pretty. I like that it reflects off the ice, and the formation is really interesting.

This would be much less serene without the the pink and blue tones. The s curve and the curtain of ice look great, but it’s the colors that make this peaceful.

@karlag and @Mark_Seaver thanks for the comments. I agree the colour makes the photo. I am not sure why I found it disquieting, I think the pink has a tone that I didn’t quite find natural, but it is serene and beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Thanks again for your comments.

The color is what really speaks of serenity. The S curve of the branches also works well as a supporting element. Perhaps a little could be cropped up from the bottom to eliminate some of the blank white space. Beautiful image.

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I think the colors are wonderful and their distribution is very interesting. I think a bit more canvas on the left would reduce some tension.