Sessile Oakwood

Ariundle Woods, Ardnamurchan, Scotland

At the end of a day exploring the ancient oak forest of Ariundle on the Ardnamurchan peninsula the light was at a low enough angle to create patches of warm soft light on selective trees and mossy patches of the forest floor. The woods are a delight and the trees old, gnarled and twisted yet for all that this looks as fresh and green and oxygen rich as renewed spring growth. The quality of the light was gorgeous and this ended up being one of my favourite shots of the day.


Just incredible light. Very rich colors without appearing overly saturated. I can easily see how this was one of your favorites.

Forest photography doesn’t get much better than this, it is a wonderful image Ian. As usual you have a strong composition, but for me its the luminous backlight (especially on the grass) that makes this image so successful. The light here just does some amazing things to the colors. In many backlit forest scenes you see photographers emphasize the backlit leaves, but I really like how you emphasized the backlit / sidelit grass here.

My only suggestion would be to consider either burning down, or cloning away the two ferns in the LRC. This is a real nitpick though, overall this is a gorgeous image, great work…


This is a beautiful lush forest composition . The forest floor reminds of a northern rainforest, maybe this is? No nits from me. I can also imagine a smaller scene of just the lower portion of the frame and the small flowering bush. Lovely work!

Great image with great light. I only would have liked to have more room on the left, as the tree in the background catches my interest and it is a bit cut off.
But overall it looks fantastic.

Boy you are correct, the beauty of the forest and the golden light came together beautifully here. My thoughts align with Ed’s about the ferns. Their location, and the fact that they are cut off a bit, sort of snag the eye. (I don’t know if it was possible at the time, but I’ll sometimes gently pull them out of the frame and weigh them down with a coat, or similar. After I snap the image, I pick up the coat and no harm, no foul.)