Shades of green

Another image from the jungle canopy in Central America. This species is called Magnificent Hummingbird.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
ISO 2000, 300 mm, F5 .6, 2500th. Fill flash, 70% of full frame


Wow! Beautiful hummingbirds and great capture! They both came out so sharp and detailed!

Oh this is way too cute, David. I love the feathers up on the head of the one on the right, and it appears the one on the left has his eye on him to see what the situation is that might be causing it. Wonderful details and colors in the birds, and I really love the perch that they are on.

No cause for any suggestions to change this beautiful image. It’s already outstanding.

David, this is a great look at this pair of hummingbirds. The details in the birds and their perch are excellent, as are the raised head feathers in the upper bird.

As folks said, the feather texture is wonderful and I like the rain in the background. Living where they do I suppose they’re used to it, but rain always seems sort of dangerous to little birds like these even though it isn’t. Fabulous image.