Shore Acres Shoreline

The geology at Shore Acres State Park in Oregon is very exposed and readily visible. It shows up differently in varying weather and light conditions. It never gets old going there.

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Wow, very interesting scene you’ve captured here Chris. The fog adds some mystery and gave you some nice soft light to work with. Your composition is especially attractive, with those unique rock formations taking up about 2/3 of the frame and a fine specimen right in front for close inspection.

I love that coast. The erosional details at Shore Acres are amazing. Unfortunately, I’ve only had a chance to visit it once.

@Bill_Pelzmann , @Jim_Lockhart
Thank you for your comments.

This slipped past me, Chris. I love Shore Acres, both for the shoreline and for the lovely gardens there too.

This is a great representation of the shoreline. It’s a strange place to be sure, and you’ve captured it nicely. It’s an incredible place when the waves are crashing in.

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@David_Bostock Thank you for your comment.

Chris: One of my all time favorite places on the Oregon Coast. I have a wide range of images from there ranging from the intimate that I posted early in this challenge to the most spectacular surf show I’ve ever seen. Your image depicts the place so well. Makes me want to get back there. Well done. >=))>

Chris, I missed this one… The weathering detail in the foreground cliff is striking (I wouldn’t want to fall down there!). The light mist/fog letting the further cliffs fade adds an intriguing mood.

@Mark_Seaver @Bill_Fach Thanks for your comments on my photo.