Shoveling the Fog

Fog surely seems to create high key settings. This image is no exception. Taken at a southwest Washington wildlife refuge.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 3200, 400 plus 2x, f6.3, 1250th, 50% of full frame, Sony A1


Very nice high key image. My first impression was: “Too bad one wasn’t a drake.” After studying it a while I realized all those colors would detract from the high key nature.

Very good. I like the subtle, nearly desaturated look. I think it works well especially with this subject matter. It’s high key with a soft, warm feeling.

David: Love the subject with the varying poses and the reflections especially. Really well done. >=))>

David, this looks very good. The white surroundings really show off the two ducks, their reflections and their wakes beautifully.