Sierra Springtime - WC #877

A sunrise view looking west towards Lone Pine Peak. There are several plants in bloom here, can’t say I’m familiar with any of the flavors beyond western sage.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider APO 150mm - 2 stop soft grad - Velvia 50 QL

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Nice light and in focus from front to back. Did you focus stack? The large boulder at the bottom doesn’t work for me. It draws my attention downward rather than into the photo. I’d crop it out, and if you don’t like the pano aspect ratio, then crop some of the left side.


Thoroughly enjoying this one Paul. I think the comp is excellent with the boulder field and inter-dispersed flowers and colorful vegetation are balanced nicely with the Eastern Sierra Edge. Well handled exposure with that old film stuff…

I think Tony may have overlooked the 4x5 View camera where focus stacking was simplified by lens or back tilt… :laughing: :roll_eyes:

Excellent Paul.


@Tony_Siciliano @Lon_Overacker, thank you for the reviews and comments. As always appreciated very much.

Tony, yes your idea is a worthy thought and obviously easy to make a crop as outlined.
As far as focus stacking no need with the 4x5. Just basic focus and lens tilt as reviewed on the groundglass.

This certainly is a lovely view from front to back, Paul. The boulders and flowers fill the FG and MG perfectly and I like the bit of warm light kissing the peaks in the BG. All of this makes for an outstanding image and a perfect fit for the WC. Great scene.

Wonderful understated image, Paul. Captured at the opportune moment just as crest was being illuminated. Reminder that every season in the eastern Sierra has its beauty.

Paul, the mix of rocks and shrubs makes a great staircase leading my eyes to the kiss of sunlight on the peaks in the distance. I was thinking that the full image sharpness and outstanding details had to be from the tilts and shifts of a view camera. Nice to see that verified by your equipment description. This is lovely.

Beautiful image here Paul. This has your signature all over it. I like the color and the light. And I can live with the big rock in the foreground.

Beautiful, Paul. I really like the boulder field. As for the foreground rock, if it is deemed too much of a pull, I think just a touch of burning would eliminate the need for a crop. The advantage of combining film and digital and being able to easily play with it.

A fine composition, Paul. There’s great textural quality in the fg rocks, and the splashes of colour in the flowers and the mountain peaks play beautifully against the cool tones of the grass and sky. A strong sense of wilderness here !

Paul, this is a fine scene and nicely crafted composition. This shows that a bluebird skies can work well in smaller proportions. Although it may have been your intention, my only suggestion as an option is to try bringing up the shadows a bit in the immediate FG. Just feels a little dark to my eye. Overall it’s certainly a beautiful scene, and I love the bits of reds in the foliage.

Very pleasant scene with lots of great shapes and textures, Paul! The large version has lots of presence and gives a better sense of the distance to the mountains.

This is really nice Paul. Wonderful detail and color.

Love the way you captured the beauty of this place :heart: My eyes follow the red foliage to edge of mountains and that edge leads to the peak of light - lovely :ok_hand: