Small shells

The sand patterns attracted me. The small bits of Pismo clams stood out from the dark background.

Canon 6D, 24-105mm


This is sand, Igor? The pattern and detail have totally thrown me off on this one. For me it looks like a dried/dying forest with some magic from Photoshop. However, now that I’ve looked more closely, the detail in the sand is mesmerizing with the shells adding to the story. Wonderful capture.

Wow! Those are some unique patterns! It does look like trees as @linda_mellor mentioned! The shells look like the last leaves left before winter! Beautiful capture! This could be at a fine art gallery!

Beautiful abstract - the small clams seem imprisoned by the sand tentacles.

I love this to bits.

The shapes and textures. The counterpoints in the shells. They offset the overall pattern that is repeating and expanding in an odd way. Searching. Reaching. Yearning.

Print it.

I have seen a lot of these going around on Instagram recently, I like that yours includes the bits of shell as another interesting factor to keep exploring/resting.

Igor, the drainage patterns in the sand would be good by themselves. The shells are icing on the cake.

Wow! This is a fantastic image, Igor. The patterns and textures are wonderful and those shells are a great touch. It certainly does make one think of trees. Adam Gibbs did a shot like this awhile back where he had a sand dollar in the comp and it looked like a moon. Love this!

I saw that video a few months back. His is much better than mine. I shot this about 5 years ago. I may not even have used a tripod for this shot. I can’t remember any more.

Igor, I think yours looks fantastic!

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