Smoke on the Water

From last fall, in the midst of fire season. There should have been crowds of people at Whiskeytown Lake, but it was totally deserted.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcome - not looking for anything specific. Edit - I see banding in the uploaded file. It seems like this happens with these low detail + low contrast images. Anyone see the same thing in their photos?

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
a7r3, 24mm, f/16, 1/125s, ISO 400, hand held.

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Lovely, and sad, image, Bonnie. This capture sure reminds me of California . . .fires and all. The smoke does create an eerie sort of atmospheric perspective. I don’t see any banding on my monitor, but I not sure I have the latest & greatest monitor.

A lovely image, even though from a tragic cause. Smoke is as magic as fog for photography. There is a very nice hint of the BG and the waves provide a nice balance to the trees.

I don’t see banding / posterization either, but it’s inevitable when tonalities are stretched beyond what the sensor could achieve. Darkening can stretch tonal steps so there are gaps in the histogram, and creating a JPEG can do the same. There is more tonal overhead for stretching if it is done on the raw file rather than in PS, even at 16 bits, but there are limits even in raw.

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Bonnie, this is nicely moody (and sad due to the cause). It is definitely quiet. I don’t see any banding, even in the largest view. What I have experienced (with some regularity when it’s a low contrast file) is seeing banding as I process an image in PS that goes away when the file is saved and doesn’t show up if you reopen the file. I attribute this to PS using 8 bit colors in their display as you add layers, even though they use 16 bits in the all other aspects of the file. It’s a very strange bug.

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