Spiney Orbweaver Underside - You Gotta Love that Face

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5ds-r at f-8, 1/400 sec ., ISO of 1600 with 180mm Macro lens.

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Wow, what colors! This is a really great image. Of course the spiney orbweaver colors and position are great, but also the web add to the quality of the image. It is also nicely placed in the image creating a diagonal.

Wayne, I love the colors of this one too. The BG makes him stand out nicely. You certainly caught him working! Nicely done.

Thanks Ola and Shirley. I’ve spent some extra time in the forrest behind my home to do spiders before the cold forces them into hiding.

Great detail in this shot - and the neutral BG really enhances the well-lit spider. Have you seen the Flickr group Arachtober?

Thanks Mike, Looked up the Flicker Arachtober in google and only show one of mine that might fall into that group of spiders. The post is just an example and has not gone through any editing. I’m sure that some might have the Photoshop “Warp” skills to straighten out this critter, I don’t.

Actually, if you search for the group named “Arachtober”, you’ll see loads of photos of all kinds of spiders. But they have to be uploaded in October. The photos of spiders you have shown us recently certainly would be more than suitable for this group. Hope I’ve made this clear, message me if not. Mike