Spring Crocuses with a very long lens

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Some odd brightly lit areas in the comp have been reduced with the vignette. Does it work for you?

Pertinent technical details or techniques: D500 600mm f4 + 43mm extension (1/320 sec at f10, Iso 1250) Topaz DeNoise, Levels, Used BG as a smart object and then implemented a camera raw filter and radial filter to create an oval vignette. I painted away some of the mask to lighten up some of the upper petals in the foreground flowers. Enjoy…,Jim

(If the background has been replaced, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

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Jim, I am really enjoying this wonderful photo. I like how you have enhanced the crocus with the soft lighting. Also like your POV. I think the post processing you’ve done with the vignetting works very well in helping to make the flowers pop. Wish we had crocus here. Great photo.

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Really beautiful, Jim. Yes, it works for me. I am impressed that you took this with a 600 mm lens with an extension tube. The lighting on the flowers really is sweet. For some reason I can’t open it up to the larger version. Not sure what’s going on there. Great look at these beauties.

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Thank you for the critiques. I’ll try to reload it and see if it can be enlarged on the website. …Jim

I flattened TIFF file and that seemed to be the source of the issue. The first consisted of 2 layers. It should enlarge now

Oh yes, and I can see it so much better. What beautiful light and flowers. Great image, Jim.

Jim: I don’t think its very nice aiming that big bazooka at these little flowers :wink:. Really good use of your long lens for the capture and I also really like your processing and presentation. Superbly crafted image. >=))>

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I do find that crocuses are not as skittish as songbirds ( lol).

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Most original take on the crocus flower, Jim - they look like little candles shining in the dark. Love the effect !!

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Lovely light on these crocuses. Long lenses are underrated for flower photography! I like the way you did the vignette . It emphasizes the flowers nicely.

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Ah, the first sign of spring! Nice lighting and detail. I agree with Kathy that long lenses are very underrated for flower photography. Always used my 100-400 with the Canon DSLR and it provided a nice effect of sharp focus on the flower and a blurred background. Back to your image - did you try a white vignette? It would give a much softer result.

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This is so beautiful. I love the soft effect. I’ll have to experiment with my long lens now! And fantastic editing work!

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Hi Patricia,

I’ll have to try a white vignette on my next project. Thank you…Jim


The very first thing that strikes me is the inner glow of all the flowers. Perhaps it’s just the lighter inner core of each flower, but overall, there such a pleasant glow about the entire cluster of flowers - even the one leaning down on the right.

You also have a natural (or applied?) vignett that is working wonders.

My only nit/suggestion would be to mitigate, remove or otherwise reduce the distractions in both the LL and LR corners. Not deal killers, but the way the vignetting is working, I think you should take care of those distractions in the corners. When/if you do that, this will elevate a notch or two (And it’s already up there! this is a wonderful image.)


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I add my compliments for this beautiful floral photo really unproved in the second version. I am trying to come back slowly.

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Jim, the glowing center of this cluster works great. The mix of purple petals and golden centers is very inviting. As one of the first spring flowers, these little crocuses are always a delight and this shot captures that feeling very well.

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