Spring Pond

If it’s a blue-bird day, I always say look down, especially if there’s a pond nearby. The “clouds” here are from pine pollen caught in drifts on the new grasses poking up through the water. I’m quite drawn to the way light plays on pond “scum” of various types.

Specific Feedback Requested

Oh, anything you want to say. I’ve kept the contrast low because increasing it just didn’t feel right to me. The ULC, with the green trees, feels a bit odd, but I haven’t figured out exactly why. Maybe cropping a bit off the left? I’m waffling on that.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
a7r3, 105mm, f/16, 1/25s, ISO 400, tripod.

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Bonnie, the textural contrast between the clean reflections of the trees and sky against the “fuzzy” pollen drifts is quite striking. I also like the floating leaves shining through the pollen rafts. A close up there might be a fine abstract. I’m not sure the mix of the two very different views fits together.

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