Storms brewing

The Maryland sky with late afternoon thunderstorms brewing. 5-7 PM is a prime take-off time from BWI airport, so getting the airplane heading west was a nice bonus. (5D3, 100-400@ 148, 1/640 s, f/9, iso 200, tripod)


It took me a second, but I found the plane. Certainly adds a sense of scale and grandeur. I like that you kept the blue dark, but wonder if the dark clouds at the lrc aren’t a little overwhelming…I assume you played with crops.

Wow! That’s really neat Mark, to show how huge the clouds are! Beautiful clouds!

A dramatic capture, with the visual path leading through the central clearing and into the great beyond. The plane is a nice surprise.

Must admit, Mark, I almost missed the airplane also. Truly wonderful photo on many levels. The formation of the clouds - leaving that inviting negative space in the middle, the shades of white to very dark gray - adding depth and dynamics and then of course there is the airplane. Incredible, very nicely seen and executed.

Spectacular storm clouds, Mark. The hole in the middle really gives them a feeling of depth.

Looks to me like the aircraft should turn around and fly into that opening of clear blue sky! The “hole” provides a bit of relief to the tension surrounding it. Nice

Impressive looks clouds here, Mark. I like the implied circular motion of the clouds with the blue sky situated in the middle, almost like a vortex drawing you into the scene. I almost missed the plane.