Subtle Wonderland

This was taken the following evening from my prior post. I was drawn to this scene as the colors are much more subtle. As you can see a lot of the lowbush blueberry leaves have fallen from the plants. For me this image is more serene and calming in turn allowing the viewer to wander around the frame to enjoy all the intricate details of the plant life in Wonderland.

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Specific Feedback Requested

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
This is three images stacked for DOF. Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 35mm, f 16 @ 0.5 sec, CPL, cable release & tripod.

Also love the subtle colors in this scene. I was drawn to this photo by the way the golden yellows draw your eyes back and forth across the scene is a S pattern. Great shot.

This is a lovely scene, Ed. I really like the textures and colors. I also like the way the yellow-orange elements are arranged in a circular pattern that draw the eye into the image then circle it around.

Ed, this does a great job of having the viewer’s eyes wander through the full frame. The subtle beauty and invitation to explore work well. It looks like a meadow edge where I’d like to sit quietly and listen.