Sunrise, September 17, 2012

An old file that I just dug out to try processing. I posted some other images from about this timeframe way back. We had several days that month when I was out on a local preserve for sunrise and the fog was pooling in a swale in front of me with more rising from a river in the background to obscure the far hills.

This was taken with a Canon 7D and 70-200 mm f/4 lens at 135 mm and f/32, iso 400 and 1/100 second manual exposure. I brought up the brightness of the sky and foreground fog and decided I liked it better with a yellow sun than with the white disc in the middle.

Beautiful sky and almost an apocalypse mood to it, as the warm light makes it look smokey. Very cool looking sun, too. The yellow works. This turned out nice.

Thanks, Harley. The smoky look bothered me until I figured out that it was caused by the dark hill showing slightly through the fog.

Dennis, the yellow sun and that great glowing bank of fog make for a very intriguing view. It’s a beauty.

Outstanding color, composition, and layered effects. Would also be good as a black-and-white. I like the low-lying fog. Reminds me of the Sacramento Valley in the winter.

A colorful foggy scene, Dennis! The yellow sun works nicely with the orange colors of the fog and I like the composition with the bright sun balancing the mass of the near trees on the left.