Surveying the Damage

I’m not exactly sure what this challenge is looking for but I would think a forest fire makes the natural world imperfect. I came across this scene of devastation while exploring the backcountry of central Oregon Cascade mountains. This particular fire had occurred perhaps 10 years earlier but, as you can see, it’s recovering slowly.

Well composed with leading lines. It’s pretty clear fire had been here whether natural or man-made. Mount Saint Helens is still recovering after nearly 40 years.

Yes, Igor, recovery after a fire is slow. This shot captures the mixed feelings of the recovery well, with it’s mix of new trees and stark dead trunks. In Yellowstone, 31 years later there are areas that look like this and a few where the new growth is finally starting to hide the burnt trees. The moody sky fits well with the land. Shots like this are unlikely to get a wall hanging, but they do show an important aspect of the natural world.