Susquehanna Bluebells

This is another image from my last trip to photograph the bluebells at Susquehanna SP. Although they were quite beautiful and close to peak, I found them difficult to photograph due to so much surrounding clutter. I was able to find this nice spacing of trees with the surrounding bluebells. The sun was setting behind the trees in the BG so the light was very even across the scene. I wish there were a few more flowers along the left edge, but it is what it is.

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 28mm, f 16 @ 1/30 sec, ISO 400, MLU, cable release & tripod.


Ed, since the bluebells like lower lying heavily forested areas, they are hard to shoot, with getting a “clean” shot especially challenging. This view shows their habitat well, where the transition from the dark green of the bluebell leaves to the lighter green of the young leaves makes a nice “horizon”. I also like how that front tree trunk shows the effects of dealing with a vine when it was much younger.

Spring! Fresh, awakening, newness, positivity. It’s all in here. The colors are divine. And yes, undergrowth can make things messy, but you worked well with what you had. Am envious of your blues.

Hey Ed, I was out shooting Bluebells yesterday and found it particularly challenging for my first time. Wonderful subject but the ground clutter makes it hard to exclude distractions. Yours seems to have limited those distractions better than mine. I quite like hte proportion of trees to bluebells and how they stretch far into the distance. I find that green’s can be hard to edit, yours look natural here and contrast well with the flowers.

Thanks for your kind words @Mark_Seaver , @Kris_Smith and @David_Wallace as they are always appreciated.
@Mark_Seaver : Thanks for sharing that bit of info on the tree. It immediately caught my eye, but I had no idea what caused the rings. A vine makes perfect sense.
@Kris_Smith : The greens and blues do make for a wonderful combination don’t they. There was even a few pinks scattered among all the blues.
@David_Wallace : I hope you post some of your bluebell images as they are a lovely little wildflower.